Large wall stencil Holy Mandala 184x184cm, 73"


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Size: 184x184cm, 73"

Make this big holy mandala on your wall or behind your bed and you can meditate in front of it.

By meditating, you train your attention. By meditating you teach your brain to focus all its attention on 1 thing. This could be your breathing, for example, but sounds, emotions and thoughts are also great for focusing your attention.

The mind calms down, the attention becomes alert and the body relaxes. That's what meditation does to people.

“If we are peaceful, if we are happy,

we can smile, and everyone in our family,

our entire society, will benefit from our peace. ”

This is the Holy mandala wall stencil. It is made of durable, reusable pvc.

Ideal for so many DIY projects, the Holy mandala stencil is ideal to use as a wall stencil, floor stencil, curtain stencil, table stencil...

Use it on your walls or behind the bed, in your living room, in your garden, bathroom, inside or outside your home and/or place of business.

Mandala stencils guarantee: Our mandalas are made of super durable plastic, each Mandala Stencil is reusable, strong and guaranteed to deliver a beautiful result every time. On walls, timber, stone, concrete, curtains, cushions and fabrics...the possibilities are endless. Just grab your Mandala Stencil and go for it!

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