Lotus Flower of Life big mandala wall stencil 205x65cm, 81x26"


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Size: 205x65 cm, 81x26"

The lotus flower is widely seen and used in Hinduism and Buddhism, it is a sacred flower in these cultures that symbolizes prosperity, purity, your beauty, inner growth and enlightenment.

The entire cycle from nesting the seeds to the emergence of the flower also symbolizes inner growth and the path to enlightenment. From the darkness a pure flower emerges, untouched by the darkness from which it has found its way to the light. She lives in the light with her roots in the dark. This symbolizes human enlightenment where darkness represents the past.

That the roots always remain in the dark indicates that your past will always be there, but the contrast with the purity of the flower above the water indicates that despite (or perhaps because of) your past you can find enlightenment and you can connecting with the universe.

Lotus Flower of Life mandala stencil is made of durable, reusable plastic lasered in beautiful Amsterdam!  An easy 'do it yourself' fun project to decorate your living spaces, a Lotus Flower Mandala stencil lets you place your own special touch!

Made in Amsterdam!

White lotus flower
The white lotus flower symbolizes peace, purity and perfection. Although "perfect" does not exist, it often symbolizes the pursuit of a certain, self-chosen goal.

Pink lotus flower
The pink lotus flower represents human growth and contact with the soul. The pink flower specifically symbolizes the way from an unconscious life (the dark swamp areas) over an own step of life (the stem) to enlightenment (the blooming flower).

Red lotus flower
The red lotus flower is associated with love and passion, as well as growth, loyalty and friendship.

Purple lotus flower
The purple lotus symbolizes the eightfold path which according to Buddha and Buddhism will lead to enlightenment. Due to this link, the purple lotus is often depicted with eight petals.

Blue lotus flower
The blue lotus flower is associated with the mind. Knowledge, wisdom and learning are concepts associated with this blue lotus. The fruit of the blue lotus is always partially or completely hidden under the petals. This is said to symbolize the infinity of spiritual growth.Mandala stencils guarantee: Our mandalas are made of super durable plastic, each Mandala Stencil is reusable, strong and guaranteed to deliver a beautiful result every time. On walls, timber, stone, concrete, curtains, cushions and fabrics...the possibilities are endless. Just grab your Mandala Stencil and go for it!

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